15 best uses and health benefits of alum in your daily life

Health Benefits of Alum
Health Benefits of Alum

Many people use alum as an after shaving lotion. It is an effective antiseptic, which has been used for centuries for skin and health. It looks like a shining stone but has many hidden medicinal properties inside. Now you will ask whether it can be used to get rid of other body problems. So the answer is yes. Through this article, we will elaborate how alum is helpful for physical health and what are the ways of using it. 

What is alum? 

Alum is a colourless chemical substance, which is like a crystal. Its chemical name is potassium aluminium sulfate. It is called alum in English, Fitkari in Hindi, Turti in Marathi. The importance of this normal-looking substance is important in the field of medicine 

Types of Alum 

Choosing the right alum may be a big question for you. To make the right choice, you should know about its various forms. Let us know about the different types of alum below.
  1. Potassium alum: Potassium alum is also known as potash alum and potassium alum sulfate. It has been used for a long time. Around 1500 BCE, this form of alum is believed to have been used to clean water filth.
  2. Ammonium alum: Ammonium alum is a white crystalline solid. This type of alum is used in cosmetics and personal care related products, such as aftershave lotion and handheld products.
  3. Chrome alum: Chrome alum is also a type of alum, also known as chromium potassium sulfate. It is a potassium double sulfate of chromium (a chemical element), which is used in the process of making leather.
  4. Aluminium sulfate: This compound is also known as papermaker’s alum. By the way, technically it is not alum.
  5. Sodium alum: It is an inorganic compound, also known as soda alum. This white solid is used in the manufacture of baking powder and as a food additive.
  6. Selenate alum: A type of alum that contains selenium instead of sulfur.
benefits of alum nashrah
benefits of alum nashrah

 The health benefits of alum

Healthy Teeth:

Alum has many benefits for the teeth. According to a study, if you clean your teeth with alum, you can get rid of the problem of a tooth cavity and tooth decay. You can also use alum as a mouthwash. If you have any dental problems then alum is the panacea. You can use it without much hassle. Heat water in a glass and mix it with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of alum powder. When cool, use this water for your teeth.
benefits of alum for teeth
benefits of alum for teeth

Get rid of body odour:

If your body smells bad due to sweat, you can use alum. Also, you can use alum even if your feet are constantly smelling bad. Use alum in your bath water to remove the odour or you can use aftershave, deodorant, or body lotion to remove the odour. It does not have any bad effects on your body. The odour is reduced by killing the bacteria on the body.

Used as a mouthwash:

Alum is extremely useful as a mouthwash. If you use alum every day as a mouthwash, you will get rid of bad breath. In addition, your teeth will be in good health. Alum plays a very important role especially in the oral health of children. If children are accustomed to using alum from an early age, dental problems will not occur.

For muscles:

The benefits of alum don’t end here. If you have a problem with muscle cramps/spasms, it can be used for that too. Potassium alum is useful for healing your muscles contraction. So if you have this problem, you can use alum.

Fever, cough, and asthma:

Problems such as fever, cough, and asthma are now very common in cities. For this, you can use alum. The use of alum also helps to get rid of allergic fever. You can also use it for coughing. You can drink alum water and treat cough and asthma. Grind 10 grams of alum and 10 grams of sugar together. Drink this powder in a cup of hot milk every night before going to bed. This will get rid of fever, cough, and asthma. So we could use alum to beat coronavirus.
Home remedies for cough

Home remedies for cough

Urinary tract infections:

Alum can deal with problems related to urinary tract infections. Alum can be used to stop bladder bleeding. This problem caused by an infection can be stopped by alum. Alum works effectively on the bleeding area.

For hair:

Alum is also very useful for hair. Hair lice are a common problem for school going students. Hair lice are more common in young children. Not only this, but hair lice can also easily transfer from the affected person to another person’s hair. This may cause itching and scalp problems. But you can use alum to get rid of it. If you apply alum paste on your hair and then wash it, it will help you to get rid of lice. Alum can kill hair lice and make your hair free of lice again. So use alum rather than any other oils.
benefits of alum for hair
benefits of alum for hair

To heal wounds:

If there is a wound or injury on the body, you can use alum on it. It has astringent and hemostatic properties which help in quick healing of wounds. If there is any wound, cut on the body or mouth ulcer, it works quickly to heal. Mix a teaspoon of alum powder in a glass of hot water and wash the wound with warm water. If you do this two to three times a day, the wound will heal quickly.
benefits of alum powder
benefits of alum powder

Keeps pimples away:

If you are constantly getting pimples and the pimples are not going away even after taking all the remedies, then alum can be beneficial for you. Alum has astringent properties. Which has its benefits in curing pimples. Apply alum paste on the pimples and rinse with cold water after some time. You can see the right result very soon.

Wrinkles and Aging:

Alum is used in many cosmetics. Its properties work to bring more tightness to the skin. Therefore, alum is effective in protecting the face from wrinkles and aging. If you use it regularly, it works like an antiaging. Rinse your face with clean water and rub a piece of alum on it completely.
benefits of alum on face
benefits of alum on face

To brighten the skin:

The properties of alum help to remove impurities from the skin. It is also used to tone the skin. So alum is used to brighten the skin. Apply water on the face and apply alum regularly on the face daily. It helps to brighten the skin.
benefits of alum on skin
benefits of alum on skin

For cracked heels:

Many people have problems with Crack Heels. But what exactly to do about it. So alum is an easy solution. If you regularly rub a piece of alum on your feet with a wet cloth, your problem will get better soon. without any botheration.
benefits of alum for skin
benefits of alum for skin

Shaving nicks and cuts:

The next time you shave, remember to rub a bar of alum over the recently-shaved surface. it will stem the bleeding from any nicks and cuts and additionally prevent infections because it has germicidal properties. Alum has been utilized by barbers as an aftershave for hundreds of years.
benefits of applying alum on face
benefits of applying alum on face


Uses of alum – how to use alum

We told you what are the uses of alum. But you also need to know exactly how to use it.
Let’s learn how to use alum
For cough and asthma: Make a powder by grinding 10 grams of alum and 10 grams of sugar and separate it into 14 parts. Now every night before bed, consume a portion of this powder with a cup of warm milk. Alum can be beneficial for cough and asthma, but more scientific research is needed on this.
Note – Before using alum for cough, please seek medical advice.
  1. For teeth and mouth: You can use alum as a mouthwash to remove plaque and cavity from teeth. For this, heat a glass of water and add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of alum powder to it and filter. You can use this water when it is cold.
  2. For lice: To use alum for lice, take alum powder and mix it in water. Add a little tea tree oil to the mixture. Now apply this mixture on your scalp and massage for 10 minutes, after that wash the hair with cold water. After this, do not forget to shampoo and condition your hair.
  3. For cramps: For this, take an equal amount of turmeric and alum powder and make a paste and apply it on the affected area. Keep in mind that the paste is not dry, but leave it to dry and then wash the skin with lukewarm water. Taking this remedy two to three times a day will relieve pain.
  4. For injury or wound: Mix one spoon alum powder in a glass of warm water and keep it to lukewarm. Now wash the injury or wound with this water two to three times a day.
  5. After shaving: After shaving, you can rub alum directly by spraying a few drops of water on the face. Doing this reduces the possibility of being septic.
  6. For wrinkles and antiaging: Sprinkle clean water on the face and gently rub a piece of alum directly over the entire face (except the eyes and lips).

Disadvantages of alum – Side Effects of Alum

  • There is no doubt that alum is a beneficial substance, which you can use for many body related problems, but the benefits of alum along with its side effects cannot be ruled out. Know below some of the disadvantages of alum.
  • Smelling alum can cause a burning sensation in the nose, throat coughs affecting the lungs, wheezing, and shortness of breath.
  • Applying alum on the skin can also cause skin and eye irritation and rashes.
  • Eyes can be severely affected by exposure to alum mixed with water.
Now you must have known how beneficial this simple-looking substance is. You can use alum in various ways for the problems mentioned in the article.
It is absolutely easy to use and there is no need to make much effort for it.
It may cause some side effects by applying it, but do not panic in such a condition, instead contact the doctor directly. I hope you liked this article.
You can reach us with your suggestions and questions through the comment box below.

This blog provides general information and discussions about health and related subjects. The information and other content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. If you or any other person has a medical concern, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something that has read on this blog or in any linked materials. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency services immediately.

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