Misconceptions and Myths About Meditation

Misconceptions & Myths About Meditation
Misconceptions & Myths About Meditation


  •     Meditation is a spiritual/religious practice
  •     I need to follow certain rituals, wear certain clothes,    burn incense, etc.
  •     I need to be in a temple or a special place.
  •     It takes years to get any benefit.
  •     Meditation will make me want to abandon my life and become a monk.
  •     I need a master to meditate.
  •     Meditation is selfish.
  •     Meditation is escapism / running away from problems.


    •     Meditation is just relaxation.
    •     Meditation is like self-hypnosis.
    •     Meditation is effortless.
    •     Meditation is all about being in the present moment.
    •     Meditation is all about calming the mind.
    •     Meditation and mindfulness is the same things.
    •     Meditation is one thing; daily life is another.
    •     I must close my eyes to meditate.
    •     Meditation requires chanting mantras.
    •     Meditation is like sleep.
    •     Technology can put me into meditation.
    •     Psychedelic Drugs are an easy way to arrive at meditation.


    •     Meditation is hard.
    •     Meditation is fighting with thoughts / emptying the mind.
    •     I need a quiet mind in order to meditate.
    •     I need to sit in the lotus position to meditate.
    •     I have ADHD/ADD… there is no way I can meditate.
    •     I don’t have time to meditate.
    •     I’m supposed to have visions or develop psychic powers through meditation.
    •     Meditation is boring.


    •     Meditation will make me ‘zone out’ during my day.
    •     Meditation will make me emotionless.
    •     Meditation is about feeling good.
    •     Meditation is all I need.


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