what are the 10 proven health benefits of Panchamrita?

what are the health benefits of eating Panchamrita?
what are the health benefits of Panchamrita?

The word ‘Panchamrita’ is made from two words – ‘Pancha’, meaning ‘five’ and’ Amrit’, meaning ‘nectar of immortality’. Furthermore, because Panchamrit is also bestowed at the feet of deities, it is many times known as Charnamrit as well. It’s considered especially sacred and is made during pujas and ceremonies. 

It tastes sweet and milky with nuts coming in each sip. 

Panchamrit | Panchamrita | Panchamruta

Quintessentially speaking, Panchamrita has five main ingredients, yoghurt, cow’s milk, honey, sugar and ghee.

Many people even tend to add jaggery in place of sugar. However, you can always suit yourself!

Yoghurt and ghee made from cow’s milk are used to make this drink.

According to Mahabharta, Panchamrita was one of the ingredients that emerged during the Samudra Mathan also known as Ksheera Saagar mathan (churning the ocean of milk).
It is believed that Gods attained immortality after drinking Panchamrit. Therefore, each ingredient used in it is special and has its own significance. For instance:

Milk – It symbolizes purity. Always cow milk is used to make this drink. Our mythological scriptures clearly mention that cows are sacred and they are bestowed with the status of a ‘universal mother’ who protects and nourishes us. Cow’s milk (A2) is considered the next best thing after breast milk. Consuming cow’s milk helps in preventing obesity, promotes easy digestion, and increases breast milk production. In this way, it helps increase immunity and boosts your health during pregnancy as it is a rich source of proteins, calcium, and vitamins B12, A, and D.

Honey – It grants you sweet and kind speech. Honey is considered to be Yogavahi in Ayurveda, which means it acts as a carrier. It enhances the qualities of the other four ingredients. It helps boost immunity. It is considered to be an antiseptic that promotes healing.

Yoghurt – It aids procreation. Not only does curd or yoghurt provide a cooling effect, but it also acts as a probiotic. Curd contains amino acids and helps in digestion which is said to be low in the early days of pregnancy. Curd also increases the strength of the body and nourishes muscles. It is a good source of calcium and phosphorous. It also balances ‘pitta’, the substance in our bodies that governs heat and metabolism, according to Ayurveda. Curd is said to be auspicious according to Ayurveda.

Sugar – It brings you happiness. Ayurveda recommends sugar as it provides energy and reduces fatigue in the early days of pregnancy. It also reduces dryness in the body.

Ghee – It marks knowledge. Ghee made from cow’s milk contains butyric acid which detoxifies our bodies, improves bowel health, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also rich in nutrients like fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, and Omega-3 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids. Ghee from cows has properties which help in improving skin complexion and is beneficial for the eyes, heart, and the throat. It increases memory, intelligence, and also promotes emotional balance.

uses of panchamrut
Uses of panchamrut

Apart from these must-have ingredients, dry fruits and tulsi leaves are also added to this prasad. 

Let’s look at some of the Panchamrita health benefits, especially for pregnant women, of having this divine drink every day.

Health Benefits of Panchamrita

Healthy and Glowing Skin: 

Panchamrit is a natural skin cleanser. It provides appropriate nutrition to the skin cells and promotes their growth. It drives away the effects of stress and fatigue that expecting mother’s experience during this phase and leaves behind a natural glow on their faces.

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Boosts Immunity: 

As we said before, Panchamrit nourishes the seven bodily tissues – reproductive, bone marrow and nervous, bone and teeth, fatty, muscles, blood cells, and plasma – which are responsible for our overall health, wellbeing and immunity.

Strengthens the Bones: 

Panchamrit facilitates the formation of the Astidhatu, which in turn, is responsible for the growth of our bones and teeth. Calcium deficiency is a common problem among pregnant women, but having Panchamrita every day can boost her bone density and make her stronger.

Vitalizes the Brain Functions: 

Daily consumption of this concoction is known to enhance intelligence, memory, grasping power, and creative abilities. Widely known as the brain tonic, it promotes brain development of the child during pregnancy.

Balances Pitta Dosha: 

Panchamrit is known to balance all three doshas and boost overall health and immunity. However, it is especially relevant for pregnant women because it rectifies Pitta imbalance, which causes acidity, nausea, indigestion, and low blood pressure that women commonly suffer from.

Improves Digestion: 

Due to hormonal changes happening within the body, pregnant women often complain of poor digestion and other associated problems. One of the ingredients used to make Panchamrit is honey, which is great for those who’re having digestion related problems.

Here’s how to make Panchamrut Recipe at home in no time!

Panchamrut is an incredibly nutritious recipe. It should be taken every day, preferably 2-4 spoons in the morning, on an empty stomach. Below is a simple and nourishing recipe for Panchamrita.

To prepare lip-smacking and nutritious Panchamrut, you will need the following:

benefits of panchamrut on an empty stomach
benefits of panchamrut on an empty stomach


  • Curd – 1 tsp 
  • Milk – 5 tsp
  • Honey – 1 tsp
  • Sugar – 1tsp
  • Ghee – 2 tsp
  • Ripe banana (optional)
  • Holy basil (tulsi) leaves
  • Chopped almonds

How to make Panchamrit:

  • Whisk well all the ingredients; add 2 threads of saffron (optional). 
  • Garnish with washed tulsi leaves / chopped almonds (optional) and refrigerate if needed. 
  • Now, the Panchamrut is ready to eat
  • You may add chopped ripe banana pieces as a taste enhancer and no other fruits.

If you need a large quantity of Panchamrita, you may increase the measurements of ingredients.

Use a stainless steel, ceramic or glass bowl for preparation. 
Traditionally, Panchamrita is prepared in a silver bowl. This metal has antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. 
These five ingredients when mixed in the right proportion improve each other’s gunas or good qualities. According to Ayurveda, ghee and honey should never be mixed in equal quantities, Ghee must always be more.

The shelf life of Panchamrit depends on the climate and season. In winter it stays good for 12 hours but in summer season it turns rancid within a few hours.

benefits of eating panchamrut during pregnancy
Benefits of eating panchamrut during pregnancy

Panchamrita is a must for religious ceremonies but can be consumed every-day. 
In fact, Ayurveda recommends it for nine months during pregnancy.
Always consume freshly prepared Panchamrut in pregnancy. Incorporate Panchamrut into your diet during pregnancy to take advantage of its numerous health benefits. 
However, do consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet during pregnancy. 
If you have gestational diabetes, Panchamrita may increase your blood glucose levels; so talk to your doctor before adding it to your diet.


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