Ghee Benefits

Ghee Benefits
Ghee Benefits 

Ghee is one of the healthiest forms of fat that you can pamper your body with. This tasty substance has been part of our lives, culture, food, and memories since forever. Did you know that ghee goes beyond cuisine and the benefits of ghee extend to your skin and hair too?

Read on to know all that ghee can do for your overall health:

Benefits Of Ghee For Skin:

  1. Pamper the thin and delicate skin of your face with ghee. 
  2. Ghee encourages deep hydration and makes even the driest of skin soft and supple.
  3. Eating ghee also brightens your skin.
  4.  Massage it into your skin daily and beat aging by many years.
  5.  A drop of ghee, when rubbed onto dry, chapped lips, will lock in moisture. 
  6. If your lips suffer from pigmentation, just massage your pout with ghee and within a few weeks, you will get your pretty pink lips again.
  7. Just apply a little ghee under your eyes regularly and get bright, fresh and relaxed eyes within a few days.

Benefits Of Ghee For Hair Health:

  1. Massage ghee into dry and coarse hair to take care of split ends.
  2.  Turn your dry and frizzy hair into soft, shiny and manageable tresses.
  3. People have been using ghee for hair growth, and you can get the same benefit too.
Is ghee good for health or not?
Is ghee good for health or not?

Benefits For Health:

  1. Ghee is made of saturated fat and a good source of healthy fats. It is easier to digest, much healthier than butter and surely your go-to option in case you are having cholesterol problems.
  2. Ghee is loaded with antioxidants which helps in increasing the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals from other foods that you consume in a day which in turn helps in keeping your immune system strong. 
  3. As per Ayurveda, eating ghee regularly helps in improving eyesight. Even if you have irritation in the eye, you can put in a drop or two of ghee for instant relief.
  4. Ghee is widely used not only for the treatment of burns but also to treat swelling in different parts of the body. 
  5. For cough relief, you can either eat a teaspoon of ghee directly or make a paste of tulsi or holy basil and warmed ghee. Swallow it for instant relief.
  6. As per Ayurveda, cow ghee is one of those rare substances that help balance Vata & Pitta which helps slow down aging and increases Kapha as well.
  7. it is suggested to take a spoon full of cow ghee with warm milk, every night to help digestion and constipation.
  8. Desi ghee contains full fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K. These minerals play a vital role in the operations of the heart, brain, and bone development. Also improves your immune system.
  9. Everyone’s body needs some fats to boost the power of brain, nerves and skin health. Desi ghee is a rich source of good fats which our body needed.

Gir Cow Ghee Benefits:

  • It slows the aging process and makes your soft melodious.
  • At the same time, it lowers cholesterol. Doctors these days don’t suggest ghee to heart patients. But, Gir cow ghee removes blockages in your heart.
  • Gir cow ghee has nutritional benefits too as it has A 2, E and D along with Omega 3.
  • It cures insomnia and is good for those who suffer from obesity.
    What is cow ghee used for?
    A2 Cow ghee benefits

  • When you massage it on your joints it is extremely beneficial.
  • Ghee has conjugated linolenic acid or CLA which helps you to lose weight and you can get rid of fat belly.
  • It slows down the progress of heart disease and cancer. Gir cow ghee fights bad cholesterol since it facilitates circulation.
  • Gir cow ghee supports and facilitates the absorption of nutrients present in foods and this keeps you healthy.
  • It improves the quality and quantity of semen and ovum. So, it increases fertility.
  • The most important function of Gir cow ghee is that it improves our immunity thus, gives the strength to battle diseases and keeps you healthy.
  • It is used in curing constipation, ulcer, burns, and blisters.
  • Gir cow ghee has the qualities of balancing our mind and enhancing our brain function.
  • The melting point of Gir cow ghee is 37°C while our body temperature at 37.2°C. Thus, our body absorbs it easily. But commercial ghee melts at around 39°C or above. Thus, it doesn’t get easily absorbed into our bodies. If you have regular ghee it leads to bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

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